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There’s a stretch of road in San Jose that features 2 Denny’s restaurants separated by less than a mile. 

There’s a stretch of road in San Jose that features 2 Denny’s restaurants separated by less than a mile. 

The Best Tacos In San Jose - Part 2

Part one of The Best Tacos in San Jose essentially concluded that there’s no such thing. But no matter! Let the listing of tacos continue:

Division 3: The University Division

These tacos are within walking distance of San Jose State University and, of course, cater to students.

La Victoria Taqueria - Buche (Pork Stomach) Taco

The University Division came out swinging with tacos that were easily twice the size of the Educated Consumers Division. La Victoria is a place that’s noted for their orange sauce and little else, and in fact you don’t have to go far willing to find someone to disparage everything except the orange sauce. That said, I was pleasantly surprised there. The buche was a little dry, but the pico de gallo was fresh and flavorful. And the orange sauce really is spectacular, even if nobody can figure out what’s in it.

More tacos after the jump.

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The Best Tacos In San Jose - Part 1

The Best Tacos In San Jose. It’s a fool’s errand. It has to be, doesn’t it? You have to know that setting out. “Taqueria near:San Jose, CA” yields you close to 4000 results. Even if only half of those are actually places serving food, that’s years and years of surveying them all. How could you hope to rank them? How do you measure the 1,500th versus the 1,501st? Do you have to try the same thing at each place? What if one place is really good at al pastor, but terrible at chili verde? How do you account for the one you visited just before closing versus the one you visited at the height of the lunch rush? You’d spend your entire life going mad, stumbling from taqueria to taqueria, trying to suss out the minute differences between how one places preps their tortillas versus another. Friends, it’s no way to live. No, all we can hope to do is find good tacos, and return to them. Dine not on the tacos you think you might be able to have, but on the ones in front of you. They’re there, warm and waiting. Love them.

Division 1: Seafood

Dia De Pesca - Scallop Taco

I’m not so naive as to think that a taco full of scallops can retail for $3.25. No, it’s much more likely you’re getting some kind of substitute, be it deep sea scallop, shark, or reconstituted something or other. Whether or not this was an honest scallop didn’t concern me. All I cared about was whether it was tasty, and it was. Tender and not at all chewy, the scallop paired exceptionally well with the crisp cabbage, peppers, and the pale red and bright green salsas. (Very mild chili and avocado based, respectively.) As an aside, I wonder where establishments buy the lemons that actually have a bit of juice to give. They’re giving me a chunk of lemon barely bigger than a D12 and it’s enough for a whole taco, and you can beat a pair of the ones I’m buying with a frying pan and not get so much as a teaspoon. I digress. More tacos behind the jump.

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